About Us


Our building was originally built as a dance hall in 1929. Owner Edwin Nelson sold Hamburgers for a nickel while bootleggers outside sold shots of moonshine for a quarter. In 1932, PO PO began its restaurant life. Its been said that the restaurant was named for a great volcano in Mexico called Popocatepetl. The restaurant was sold in the early 1940’s to Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Reinmann, who later sold it to Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Weise in 1947. Mr. Weise built the bar and is rumored to haunt the restaurant.

POPO PICS12Luther and Marie Burgon purchased the restaurant in 1950 and began its legacy as a hill country family restaurant. It was the place to go for well-known families of San Antonio and hill country locals. Luther and Marie traveled one month a year and were not satisfied with photos of their trips. They began collecting plates. The total number of plates that now adorn the walls of the restaurant total 2,347.

I come for the fresh fried chicken and cracklin’ corn.

L. Louise

My favorite is the meatloaf with fried okra. The margaritas are pretty good too!

Raymond Bennett

I love the family friendly atmosphere and the bone in pork chops keep me coming back.

Betty T.

Y’all come have some food with us!

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